Safety Products

1. Safety Equipments

We have a range of Safety Products from Lifebuoys, Life Jackets, Life Boat Anchors, Lifeboat Torches, Life Boat Jack Knives, Immersion Suits, Reflective Tapes, All Purpose Nozzles, 3 Position Fog Nozzles, Life Boat Ditty Bags, All Types of Hose Couplings, Fire Hose, Dust Protecting Masks, Safety Belts & Hooks, Fire Axes, Plastic Chipping Goggles, Paint Spray Respirators, Anti Slip Tapes, Safety Helmets, Ear Plugs & Ear Muffs.

All Safety Products are as per solas Regulations & carry Various Class & USCG Approval

2. Cloths, Shoes & Gloves

Safety Clothing (Coveralls, Parkas, Rain Suit)

Assorted Range of Gloves

Safety Shoe /Boots

3. Oil Spill Materials

  • Kits
  • Absorbents
  • Boom
  • Dispersant